In 2009 I arrived in Mexico. I couldn’t speak Spanish, I knew nobody. The first thing I learned was to ask ‘How much?’ Slowly, I worked out numbers, greetings, and how to answer commonly asked questions. I traveled through Quintana Roo, Yucatán, and Campeche. I found work in Veracruz, then Chiapas. I saw the ruins of Tulum and the pyramids of Palenque.

It was a wonderful adventure but it was very hard. I was often lonely, I made some poor decisions, and I was robbed of my passport, phone, diary, and research notes. But, gradually, I began to learn the language. I supported myself with English teaching, and I built a career in B2B content creation.

Initially, I worked with a team in Canada building an e-commerce site. Then, I managed a website build for a Mexican accounting firm. After that, I became the lead writer and editor for a UK SEO agency where I created a remote content team. Then, I managed a very successful project for a UK website before becoming an editor and team lead for a Spanish-based B2B SaaS SEO agency.

Through these experiences, I developed an understanding of white-hat SEO practices, I used data to inform strategic content decisions, and I learned about the customer journey. I saw the value of marrying content with that journey and how to reflect the audience’s pain points within the storytelling process.

I led content production for a hospitality tech startup that included topic clusters, programmatic SEO landing pages, and interview-based articles with entrepreneurs and thought leaders. I helped drive more than 100,000 organic users to an EdTech website. I streamlined content production processes. And I more than doubled SEO content production with a remote team that I created from scratch.

Amazingly, I met someone along the way and we began a family. When I think back to my earliest days in Mexico, there really was very little evidence that one day I’d be a proud father, communicating fluently in Spanish with family and strangers, and working with international content and marketing teams.